Central Base Station


Central Base Station
Central Base Station Central Base Station


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Central Base Station for sports field venue lighting system

Spec Sheet

The Central Base Station is a SimplySNAP component that can be installed anywhere you need wireless push-button lighting control, such as municipal ballparks, hockey arenas, basketball facilities, and other multi-use complexes. The heart of the Central Base Station is the SS420/450 site controller, contained in the NEMA 4X enclosure. An optional bank of 5 buttons allows for controlled manual access to site lighting controls. The Central Base Station makes it easy for electricians to quickly install the SimplySNAP site controller and enables quick and simple access to a switch station that can be programmed to meet the needs of the end-user.


  • Allows for controlled manual access to a SimplySNAP lighting system
  • Weather protected — perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Optional, pre-configured 5-button switch to allow for control of all lighting within the facility
  • External Ethernet port for connecting to IT network

Product ID - Description

  • CBSSW-450-001 - SS450-based Model w/ 5-button switch
  • CBSSW-420-002 - SS420-based Model w/ 5-button switch
  • CBS-450-001 - SS450-based Model (gateway only)
  • CBS-420-002 - SS420-based Model (gateway only)